commissions title

scribble portrait [slots closed]
[$25] [extra character + $10]

messy and semi experimental portraits! won't necessarily match the examples shown. can be centered around a theme or you can just let me loose

portrait 1 icon portrait 2 icon

bad pictures [slots closed]
[$50+] since these are more open ended, tell me what you have in mind and i'll give you a quote! assume anything more complex than the first image will cost more

rendered pieces aiming to mimic "imperfect" photos or videos [taken with old tech, overexposed lighting, web compression, etc]. meant to look kind of shitty but like in a cool candid way. results in multiple variants of the final piece, including a version without compression and such

bad pic 1 icon bad pic 2 icon bad pic 3 icon
keep in mind that the process for these can be a bit intensive! my wish is being able to capture characters in a real feeling, living moment, so i ask that clients consider a few extra things before ordering and include them in their message if applicable:

> who is recording this instance? where is it being shot? why?
> is it day or night? are there specific effects you want that relate to lighting?
> what tech is being used? what is the quality of this device? how does it process images?
> any additional references you have for backgrounds/lighting/etc, as well as
being open to discussing your characters and their stories

telegram stickers [slots closed]
flat color [single $7] [4 pack $25]
added dithers [single $10] [4 pack $30]

silly digital stickers meant but not exclusively for telegram! can be resized and such upon request beforehand

stickers icon

have something else in mind that isn't listed here? let me know and i'll give you a quote!

what do i include in my order message?
what type of commission you'd like
visual character refs + some info about your character if that's not included
other helpful visual refs [mood boards, background examples, etc]
any extras or specifics [poses, expressions, props, etc]