terms of service title
will draw
anthros + ferals [any species]
humans + humanoids
gore + body horror*

can draw but ask first
fan art + fan characters
nudity + suggestive themes*

won't draw
sexually explicit content
bigoted + harmful content
complicated mech
real people [self inserts are fine]

*18+ clients only, thank you!

general terms + process

payment is taken upfront! cashapp and zelle are preferred, paypal invoices are accepted

i can decline orders for any reason, as well as cancel or refund orders from clients i find troublesome

in general, complex designs/props/etc will raise the price of most commissions. you're free to ask if certain elements will cost more beforehand, and i'll always give reasoning for a jump in price if present

aside from commissions that are purely sketches, i'll send you any preliminary work i have before i start to finish a piece for you to review! refunds are only applicable before you approve these concepts unless i'm unable to complete your order

turn around time can range from a few days to several weeks depending on type of commission, queue length, etc. i try to keep wait time under a month and keep clients updated, though you're always free to ask about progress if you feel the need to. i also don't work under deadlines!

simple revisions can be made to finished pieces free of charge, but anything major [pose changes, large color tweaks, etc] costs extra

you can use the art you recieve in any non commercial way you'd like. if you want to share it somewhere, you can simply credit me at this site!

i also typically put commissions up in my on site gallery, which will remain anonymous unless you'd like me to attach your handle to it

tell me your favorite bird in your order message!